Liver King Net Worth

What is Liver King’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 Million
NameLiver King
Age44 Years Old
Annual Salary$250,000 Per Year
Last Updated2022

Liver King is a social media personality, bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and self-titled “CEO of the ancestral lifestyle” who rose to prominence when he took the raw meat eating trend and turned it into an online trend.

Many of Brian Johnson’s viral videos show him working out, appearing on podcasts, and chowing down on raw meat, with one encouraging others to “eat like our early ancestors.”

He has appeared on multiple podcasts as well as with several notable influencers, and he owns a brand of supplements based on the Nine Ancestral Tenants that shaped and guided his life.

He promotes the ancestral lifestyle as a means of being physically and psychologically fit. He calls himself the Liver King because he enjoys eating animal liver as a nutritious source of food.

Early Life

Brian Johnson was born in 1977 in Texas. He grew up unhappy and feeble, owing in large part to the death of his father when he was a kid. Johnson then lived with his mother in San Antonio.

During his high school days, he has frequently pushed around and bullied. In sixth grade, a classmate hooked a loogie in his hand and then slapped him across the face with it. Johnson’s life almost changed when he started going to the gym around middle school with the encouragement of one of his mother’s boyfriends.

He eventually gained the attention of his classmates, and when a student referred to him as Mark Wahlberg, it changed everything. Having his body compared to Mark’s, who at the time was a Calvin Klein model as well as a member of the Funky bunch, was a life-changing moment for Johnson.

He enrolled in a medical program at Texas Tech University after graduating from high school. He dropped out during orientation to work for a pharmaceutical company. Johnson then returned to school and even graduated.


Johnson then began working for a pharmaceutical business, where he earned enough money to indulge in expensive outdoor pastimes such as snowboarding, which is how he met the Liver Queen in 2004. He had a different way of life before meeting Barbara, the lady who would change his life.

Barbara was a dentist when Brian met her; once they started dating, they opened a successful dentist practice before transitioning to selling nutritional supplements that supported Brian’s ancestral lifestyle.

Johnson and Barbara got married, and when his sons were growing up, they always caught the flu and allergies, and he was desperate to find a cure.

Once, he read Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and now credits his success to the fact that he and his wife fed organic, pasture-raised animals to their children. Johnson chose to apply some of his ideas after reading the book cover.

The Liver King and his family started following nine ancestral diet trends that took current mainstream diet trends and turned them up to 11. After all, we had highly processed, low-fat food diets in the 1990s, but nutrition trends in the 2010s have swung the other way, pushing people to return to the all-natural, whole foods of our forefathers.

Liver King Net Worth and Income Sources

King’s Ancestral Tenets

The Liver King is guided by nine tenets in his goal to teach, preach, and model ancestral wisdom. These are the principles:

  • Eat

  • Sleep

  • Move

  • Connect

  • Shield

  • Cold

  • Sun

  • Fight

  • Bond

Interesting Facts

  • Liver King collaborated with Logan Paul on his impulsive podcast and encouraged people about the benefits of eating foods.

  • Liver King pulls enormous amounts of weight the majority of the day.

  • The Liver King consumes 1 pound of raw liver every day of his life.

  • Liver King is also a certified health coach who has been interested in ancestral health and lifestyle for more than two decades.

Liver King Diet

The Liver King’s diet consists primarily of the liver, hence his nickname. According to the Liver King, he consumes liver on a regular basis, along with bone marrow, egg yolks, chicken hearts, and turkey hearts. He’s also been known to eat bull testicles for their stated nutritional content.

He once told GQ that he eats over a pound of raw liver every day, but that others should start with three ounces twice a week.

King’s Workout Plan

Liver King maintains a hard workout plan that keeps his body fit, healthy, and in shape. For metabolic fitness, he concentrates on lower and upper-body activities such as heavy pulls, Tabata pushups, legless rope climbs, and Olympic lifts.

The Liver King frequently walks for several kilometers in the sun while wearing heavy metallic chains or performs sprint variations on the rower, ski erg, or assault cycle. In prehistoric times, this combination promoted a successful hunt.

Personal Life

The Liver King is happily married to Barbara Johnson, a.k.a. The Liver Queen, and has two teenage sons, Stryker and Rad.

The Liver Queen and the Liver Boys frequently appear in his videos, eating various animal organs alongside him and lifting weights. He and Liver Queen routinely work out together, and the Liver Boys are also fans of this way of life.

Real Estate

Liver King lives in an 8,300 sq ft Spanish-style home that sits on a small lake in Austin, Texas with his family and two Doberman dogs. He leads a rather simple life, sleeping on a bed built of wooden pallets. He also states that he does not allow cell phones in his bedroom.

The ranch also offers a hot tub next to the pool that has been converted into a 36-degree ice plunge, a fully equipped gym, and a sparring ring with blue wrestling mats on the floor where the Liver Boys can learn to box.

Liver King Net Worth

As of 2022, Liver King’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. He earns the majority of his income from his supplement business “Ancestral Supplements”, around $250,000 per year. Liver earns a lot online by promoting his social media networks and negotiating business deals and sponsorships.

Liver King has amassed a massive social media following since uploading his debut TikTok video in August 2021. He has more than 2.8 million followers on Tiktok and over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, where he posts pictures and videos of his workouts, podcast appearances, and chowing down on raw flesh in exotic locations across the world.

He also has a YouTube channel and is a major supporter of his nine “ancestral tenets,” which include intense workouts and eating raw liver.

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