Technical Guruji Net Worth 2024: Income, Cars, business, Salary, brands

Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji has a net worth of $50 million as of 2024. Gaurav Chaudhary, whose professional name is Technical Guruji, is an Indian tech YouTuber and businessman who lives in Dubai (UAE).

He has 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Apart from this, the personal vlog named Gaurav Chaudhary has 4 million subscribers on that channel. He comes in the top 5 YouTubers of Indian in terms of subscribers, he is India’s largest YouTuber and earns monthly Rs 1-2 Crore.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) net worth 2024, his income, earnings, and cars. Technical Guruji is one of the top tech YouTubers in the world who get paid unboxing offers of millions of rupees.

Gaurav Chaudhary was born in Ajmer (Rajasthan). After some time he shifted to Dubai with his family. Now let us tell you how rich is Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) and what he has achieved in his life.

Technical Guruji Net Worth (2024)

NameTechnical Guruji
Real NameGaurav Chaudhary
ProfessionYouTuber, Businessman
Net Worth$50 Million
Net Worth (Indian Rupees)361 Crore Rupees
Monthly Income & Salary1-2 Crore
Annual Income & Salary25 Crore
FactorsYouTube, Business
Last Update2024

Technical Guruji Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2024$ 50 Million
Net Worth in 2023$ 43 Million
Net Worth in 2022$ 40 Million
Net Worth in 2021$ 35 Million
Net Worth in 2020$ 28 Million
Net Worth in 2019$ 20 Million

Technical Guruji’s Net Worth (Gaurav Chaudhary)

Technical Guruji is an Indian tech YouTuber who does business with his brother in Dubai. He recently bought a Rolls Royce car with a market value of about Rs 10 crore. The total net worth of Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary is estimated to be $50 million as of 2024.

You will be shocked to know that he earns 10 to 12 lakh rupees every day. He also does many paid videos on his channel for which brands are willing to pay him millions of rupees. Technical Guru Daily keeps unboxing any phone on his channel.

The total net worth of Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary in Indian currency is 323 crores Indian rupees. With which you can order at least 32 Rolls Royce cars. Technical Guruji’s annual income is about 20 crores these days.

He keeps on giving you the best content every day on YouTube, in which views of millions of visitors come through Adsense, Technical Guruji earns 20 to 25 lakhs every month because his niche is technology.

Technical Guruji has bought properties worth millions in Dubai and also works in technology with Dubai Police. He has bought land worth about 20 crores in Dubai. There are many luxury hobbies of Technical Guruji too, such as roaming in Rolls Royce, gold iPhone, which costs 30 to 40 lakh.

Technical Guruji Net Worth
Technical Guruji Net Worth

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Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) Income & Earning sources 2024

Adsense is the biggest way for a YouTuber to earn money. But Technical Guruji is not just a YouTuber, he also does business with his brother in Dubai. Technical Guruji earns more than 2 million monthly from his YouTube channel. In many ways he earns, let’s know one by one.

Google Adsense»

Adsense is a Google product in which you can monetize your blog and YouTube channel. Google shows ads on your videos and you can make income through it. But it is only beneficial when there are millions of views on your videos.

As you know, Akshay has over 21 million subscribers on the youtube channel and according to a report, his channel gets 2 to 3 million views daily. Talking about the overall income of the month, he earns more than 20 lakhs from the only AdSense.

Brands & Promotions»

Nowadays, the highest market has been smartphones where many smartphones are being launched every day. Chinese companies pay millions of rupees to many such YouTubers so that their smartphones start selling.

Technical Guruji is the highest-earning person in this industry where he uploads promotional videos of many brands like Oppo, Vivo, one plus, Samsung, apple on his YouTube. Despite not doing so, he earns Rs 15 to 20 lakhs every month just for promotions.


Technical Guruji does business with his elder brother in Dubai. He has been in Dubai for many years with his entire family. Even though his birthplace is in Ajmer Rajasthan. Technical Guruji also does many missions with Dubai Police and has a big business in Dubai.

Technical Guruji Home

Technical Guruji has bought not one but several houses in Dubai where the value of his personal home is being reported as around 60 crores Indian Rupees. Technical Guruji’s family land is still lying in India, which is also worth crores of rupees.

Technical Guruji’s house is built in about 600 yards where there is also a hand-made lake in front of his house. There is a place to park more than 10 luxury cars in his house. He lives about 20 km from Burj Khalifa.

Technical Guruji Luxury Lifestyle

Technical Guruji is spending his life in Dubai in a very luxury way. He keeps on touring somewhere every day. His richness can be ascertained by the fact that he travels on a plane with a ticket of 14 lakhs.

He has also published videos of this air travel on his channel which has more than 4 million views. Technical Guruji owns several luxury cars and the most expensive cars in 2021. Which we are going to tell you now.

Technical Guruji Cars Collections

1. Rolls Royce Phantom»

You do not have to order a Rolls Royce car you can buy it in the showroom. This car is made entirely by hand. This is a 4 seater car which is among the most expensive cars in the world. Its average price starts at Rs 10 crore. Technical Guruji bought this car in August 2021.

2. Mercedes G Wagon»

This car is one of the best offroading cars in the world. Its top speed is 270KM per hour. You will get to see this car a lot in Dubai because it is made for offroading, you can drive it on the highway too. Its cost is about 2 to 3 crores Indian Rupees.

3. Range Rover Autobiography»

Range Rover Autobiography is the first choice of celebrities, the reason behind it is its look and luxury features. This car can run at a speed of 260km per hour. Its price starts at 2 crores and ends at 6 crores. Technical Guruji bought this car 2 years ago. Its looks can attract anyone.

4. BMW 750 Li»

This is one of the most expensive cars from BMW. Which is a full luxury car, this car can easily run at a speed of 280 km per hour. Its price starts at 2 crores and the top model price goes up to 3 crores. There are a lot of features for security in this car.

5. Audi A6»

The Audi a6 is a luxury sports car that starts at Rs. 70 lakhs. This is a 4 seater sedan car. Its top speed is 280 km per hour. Gaurav Chaudhary bought this car 4 years ago. This is Technical Guruji’s favourite car.

6. Porsche Panamera (Gold/Bronze)»

It is a proper sports car, its price starts at Rs 4 crores. This car can easily run up to 300 km per hour. This car is made for highway only. In 3 seconds this car can go up to 100 km per hour. Technical Guruji bought it in 2019.

7. Porsche Panamera (Red)»

This is also the same car. Its color is red only.

8. Mercedes Benz ML 550»

This is a luxury SUV car in which 5 people can sit. This car can run up to 240 km. This is a car made for family purposes, which starts at Rs 1 crore. It takes only 6 seconds to go from 0 to 100.

9. Lamborghini Avantador»

Lamborghini cars are counted among the best sports cars in the world. Its top speed is 350 km per hour. Its price starts from Rs. 5 crores and the top model is 6 crores. It takes only 3.2 seconds to catch 0 to 100 speed. Technical Guruji also bought this car in the last week of August 2021.

10. McLaren GT»

Gaurav Choudhary has gifted himself a McLaren car on his birthday, which is worth more than 5 crores. Its top speed is more than 300 KMPH.

Technical Guruji Net Worth & Cars Collection
Technical Guruji Net Worth & Cars Collection

Technical Guruji Career

Early Life»

Technical Guruji was born in Ajmer Rajasthan. He did his primary schooling from the government school, after which he shifted to Dubai in 2012 to pursue further studies where he earned a microelectronics degree and started working with the security system of Dubai Police.

With that, Technical Guruji started his YouTube channel named Technical Guruji. After this 2 years of contact uploading, later, in 2014, he started his second channel in which he tells people about blogs and his lifestyle.

Current Life»

In 2021, Technical Guruji lives in Dubai where he works with his elder brother in the business and security system with Dubai Police. Apart from this, he is also a successful YouTuber where he has 20 million subscribers. Technical Guruji’s net worth is growing at 30% every year.

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Technical Guruji Favourite Things

Favorite ActorSalman Khan
Favorite ActressMadhuri
Favorite Singer (Male)Guru Randhawa
Favorite Singer (female)Not Know
Favorite AppInstagram
Favorite GameGTA 5, PUBG
Favorite FoodIndian Food
Favorite SongDon’t Know
Favorite SportsmanVirat Kohli
Favorite MovieAvengers Endgame
Favorite CricketerVirat Kohli
Favorite FootballerMessy
Favorite CartoonNot Know
Favorite TV ShowNot Know

Technical Guruji Relationship & More

Best FriendMumbiker Nikhil
FatherName Not Know
MotherName Not Know
BrothersPradeep Chaudhary

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“Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.”

Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji Social Media Accounts & Followers

Instagram2 Million FollowersClick Here
Facebook1.5 Million FollowersClick Here
Twitter3 Million FollowersClick Here
TikTokN/AClick Here
WhatsappN/AClick Here
YoutubeTechnical Guruji – 22 Million Subscribers
Gaurav Chaudhary – 4 Million Subscribers
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Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) wealth dependency

Technical Guruji has many ways to earn money. He is also a YouTuber and also works in Dubai Police Security. He also does business with his elder brother. He also has a lot of property left in India.

Based on this, we can say here that Technical Guruji’s net worth is going to increase very fast in the coming time. In the end, we can say that Technical Guruji India should keep raising its name and increasing its income salary, and net worth.

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