Jake Runyan Net Worth

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Net Worth$7 Million
NameJake Runyan
Annual Salary$250 Thousand Per Year
Last Updated2022

Jake Runyan is an American professional fisherman from Cleveland, Ohio who has a net worth of $800,000 as of 2022. Runyan and his partner Chase Cominsky were recently accused of stuffing their fish with weights in order to make them heavier during a competition seen in a viral video posted on Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media platforms.

Runyan and Cominsky won the final 2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship until the organizer cut into their walleye and found heavy lead weights. However, following the cheating scandal, these wins are being called into question has previously won several championships, including a December 2021 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship after winning the Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl and the Walleye Slam.

Along with the title, the duo received a whopping $306,000 in prize money. Runyan and Cominsky were due to win a $28,760 prize and nearly $29,000 in an Ohio fishing event but were just disqualified.

Have Runyan and Cominsky been disqualified before?

Runyan and Cominsky were disqualified from the Fall Brawl fishing event in 2021 after one of the anglers failed a polygraph test. Their disqualification cost them the $100,000 grand prize.

Runyan and Cominsky had been cheating on multiple occasions in order to win luxury fishing boats in the Fall Brawl and Walleye Slam fishing tournaments in 2021, as well as tens of thousands of dollars in walleye contests.

The two had stuffed the massive 12-ounce egg sinkers with filleted walleye flesh into their walleye. Fischer asked Runyan to leave because he was receiving threats from the crowd, and Cominsky had already locked himself in his truck in the parking lot.

Action Against Runyan and Cominsky

Runyan and Cominsky were eliminated from the competition, and new winners were selected. It is unclear how the problem will be solved, as it was last year because the team has previously won.

If the organizers of previous events go to court, there might be a lot of money at stake.
Chase and Cominsky, who are accused of cheating, may be charged with a crime known as “theft by deception.”

It’s unclear why the Lake Erie Walleye Tournament organizer sliced the walleye, but Runyan and Cominsky had previously been suspected of cheating.


As of 2022, Jake Runyan’s net worth is estimated at around $800 thousand. He is an American fisherman who is best known for winning the final 2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship.

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