Steve Burton Net Worth

What is Steve Burton’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$3 Million
Name:Steve Burton
Age:51 Years Old
Born:28 June 1970
Country:United States
Salary:$500 Thousand (Annual)
Last Updated2022

Steve Burton is an American actor has a net worth of $3 million. Burton is best known for his role in ‘General Hospital’ as Jason Morgan and on ‘The Young and Restless’ as Dylan McAvoy.

Early Life

Burton was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Tory and Jack Burton. However, he grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and later in Beverly Hills, California. He began his acting career in the late 80s and co-starred in the television show ‘Out of the World’ from 1987 to 1991. Burton starred in all 60 episodes of this series.


He then transitioned from a day-time television show to a popular soap opera, ‘General Hospital’, and appeared from 1991 to 2000, made a brief appearance in 2001, and again continued from 2002 to 2012. He also appeared in the show’s spinoff series, ‘General Hospital – Night Shift’. Burton is one of the actors who has the longest-running character in the T.V show. Besides the television shows, he has also appeared in films such as ‘Cyber Tracker’ and ‘Cyber Tracker 2’. He has been a voice actor for the popular video game series, ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts’. In 2013, he began to play the role of Dylan McAvoy in ‘The Young and the Restless.

Burton made a return to the soap opera ‘General Hospital’ in 2017 as Jason Morgan reprise but was fired from the show in 2021 as the actor refused to get vaccinated. The ‘General Hospital’ actor had won a Daytime Emmy Award for his performance in the show. The actor also won a Daytime Emmy Award for his role in ‘The Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy. In 2022, the actor joined the show ‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem’ reprising the role of Harris Michaels.

Personal Life

Steve was married to a nutritionist and diet coach, Sheree Gustin, and had 3 children together. As of 2022, the duo has split up. Sheree has also made a significant portion of her income from her coaching sessions and stands at a net worth of $1 Million. Steve Burton had announced in an Instagram post regarding the split from his wife, Sheree, stating that his wife had announced being 4th time expectant. He stated that the child is not his and made their split official and that he would be part of the co-parenting of his three children. The couple has 3 children Makena, 18, Jack,16, and Brooklyn, 7.

The actor’s filmography includes a lot of acclaimed movies such as ‘The Manhattan Project’, ‘Red Sun Rising’, ‘Cyber Tracker’, ‘Cyber Tracker 2’, ‘The Last Tracker’, ‘Semper Fi’, ‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’ and ‘Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete. Steve Burton is a prominent actor in the television series and will continue to stay so. Hopefully, we get to see his new role in ‘Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem flourish just like.


The actor earned $1000 per episode and having starred in the series for around 23 years has made quite a fortune from the show. As of 2022, Steve Burton has a net worth estimated at $3 Million.

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