Brandon Frankel Net Worth

Brandon Frankel is an American entrepreneur and Fitness Enthusiast who has a net worth of $1 million. He innovated an online platform for celebrities to host gatherings, events, and collaborations, Cameo. Frankel is presently the head of Cameo’s strategic partnerships. The entrepreneur has mostly made headlines for his relationship with the American actress, Gabourey Sidibe.

What is Brandon Frankel’s Net Worth?

Net Worth (2023):$1 Million
Born:December 18, 1984
Country:United States of America
Salary:$200 Thousand (Annual)
Last Updated2023

Early life

Brandon Frankel was born in the USA on the 18th of December 1984. He graduated with a major in the profession he is currently pursuing, marketing and branding. There is little to no information on his family as Frankel likes to keep his personal life private.



Brandon Frankel is a media enthusiast and an entrepreneur who dabbles in marketing, entertainment, and branding. In the early 2000s, he initially got a kickstart in show business as a show representative for Atlantic records. Frankel was later hired as the field marketing manager in 2004. He then accepted an Executive position at ‘CAA’ in June 2010 after leaving Atlantic records.

From October 2014, Frankel worked for the ‘The Windish Agency’ till December 2017. He then took his skills to ‘Paradigm Talent’ and the following year founded ‘We Are Contra, LLC,’ after having a lot of faith. In October 2019, he began to work as a freelance consultant for Sony Music Masterworks. Frankel subsequently began a strategic partnership role at Cameo, in 2020.


Brandon Frankel is currently the fiancé of Gabourey Sidibe, an American actress. The duo met on Raya, an exclusive members-only dating app. The duo has been together since 2019.

Frankel proposed to Sidibe in November 2020 and made their relationship official and are planning to get married very soon. Frankel’s fiancé is an Oscar-nominated actress known for her roles in Precious, Antebellum, Tower Heist, Empire, The Brothers Grimsby, Come as You Are, and more.

Brandon Frankel is known for his positive attitude, creative mindset, and fitness freak. His travel interests and love for his profession are what he’s known for.


As of 2023, Brandon Frankel has a net worth of an estimated $1 million. At present, he has joined NoCap as the head of partnerships.

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