CJ So Cool Net Worth 2021: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

Cordero James Brady popularly known as CJ So Cool is one of the greatest American YouTuber stars and a music artist. CJ was born on 29th March 1989 in Gary, Indiana, the United States, and his total net worth is $6 million. . He joined the YouTube community on December 27, 2014, and he is popularly known for making reactions and prank videos. His annual income is around $500,000.

He even performs try not to laugh challenges on YouTube that are a big hit. He has even faced a lot of criticism for his content. Now we are going to tell you his total net worth, his income, his assets any more things. So let’s start with his net worth.

CJ So Cool Net Worth

Full Name:Cordero James Brady
Net Worth:$6 Million
Country:United States
Born:March 29, 1989
Salary:$500,000 (Annual)
Last Updated:2021

CJ So Cool Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2021$6 Million
Net Worth in 2020$5.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$5 Million
Net Worth in 2018$4.6 Million
Net Worth in 2017$4 Million
Net Worth in 2016$0.8 Million

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CJ So Cool has even worked as blackjack, casino craps, and a poker dealer during the initial days of his life. But, once he joined the YouTube community in 2014 he has never looked back and had made a large number of reaction and prank videos in addition to the try not to laugh challenges. Due to his great funny videos, he was gaining a lot of popularity and with this, he has even faced a lot of criticism for making content that was not at all funny.

In 2015, he made a video where he mixed laxatives in children’s food and kept on filming the video even when the child was painfully using the restroom. He was slammed for this inhuman behavior by even some of the most renowned YouTubers like Scarce, DramaAlert, BlastphamousHD TV, and Pyrocynical. In 2020, his YouTube account was hacked and the hacker deleted 1033 videos of him. But, YouTube was able to restore his 700 videos and uploaded them again in one week.

No matter even if he is facing a large amount of criticism but his fans are growing tremendously. His subscribers are increasing at an exponential rate on YouTube. At present, he is making a video on his family. Besides making YouTube videos, he has even sung a few songs like “So Cool Anthem”, “Bag Chasing”, “Memories”, “For Clout”, and “Love Us Now”.

Personal Life

CJ So Cool has never revealed anything particular about his parents and siblings so there is no concrete evidence that can tell about them or his childhood. But, it is being reported that he has a brother named Anthony Jinx Brady who is also a great YouTuber and he has even helped CJ Cool with his great career prospects. CJ So Cool has been married to a fellow YouTube star Royalty after being in a strong relationship with her.

Together the couple has two twin daughters Cordayaha and Cordero Jr. who were born in 2020. Besides these two daughters, CJ also had one other daughter Camari from his past relationship and Royalty has three kids from her past relationship. All these family members live together happily and enjoy the company of one another.

His videos depict that how ardently he loves his family. At present, most of his videos are filmed upon his family and his care and love for his family are evident from those videos. He gave a surprise mansion to his family on March 23, 2021, for the occasion of his stepson Leon’s birthday party. He keeps on surprising his kids with a great gift and pamper them. He even gifts them electric scooters and big bikes. He enjoys a great and harmonious relationship with his family and loves them free deep down his heart.

Favorite Things

Favorite ActorRobert Downey Jr.
Favorite ActressNot Know
Favorite Singer Not Know
Favorite AppInsta
Favorite GameN/A
Favorite FoodNot Know
Favorite SongNot Know
Favorite SportsmanNeymar
Favorite MovieDon’t Know
Favorite CricketerRohit Sharma
Favorite FootballerNeymar
Favorite TV ShowNot Know


Net Worth$6 Million
NameCordero James Brady
Height(1.8 m)
Weight80 KG (Approx)
Date Of BirthMarch 29, 1989
BirthplaceUnited States
SpouseCharlene Johnson

Wealth Dependency

CJ So Cool has a great wealth dependency on YouTube. He even earns money from his music albums but despite them, he has great YouTube subscribers ranking due to which he makes a lot of money in a year just with YouTube monetization. His music has also done pretty well so that he can expect a great income from them as well. No doubt he has a lot of stardom but that stardom is even accompanied by a lot of hatred and criticism.

But, CJ knew what was worth giving importance and he kept on moving further despite being criticized a lot. Even before devoting himself completely to YouTube, he even created some videos during his school time and used to upload them on his channel as well.


His humungous amount of followers for his funny videos have given him so much popularity. He is best known for his funny and reaction videos. He kept on pushing himself with every passing day and only that passion has taken him to such strides. His fans and subscribers keep on increasing with every passing day and that has acted as a great motivation source for him to create such content that can engage the people with him. As the people are getting connected with him he has started making various other videos that can just throb the heart or audiences.

As of 2021, CJ So Cool has an approximated net worth of $6 million. Most of his income comes from his music albums and brands.

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